Saturday, December 5, 2009

REM - Outtakes of Time

R.E.M., Outtakes Of Time, studio demo outtakes from the Out Of Time sessions

Another post that should be fairly self explanatory, the outtakes from the Scott Litt recorded Out Of Time sessions, although these were demo sessions rather than the actual final recording sessions. The album itself was the first huge hit from the Athens band, hitting the heady heights of No.1 in both the U.S. and U.K., and features the excellent KRS-One on the opening track to boot :) (not that he's on the bootleg sadly).

01. Radio Song
02. Belong (Instrumental)
03. Texerkana
04. It's A Free World Baby
05. Here I Am Again
06. Instrumental 1
07. Losing My Religion
08. Instrumental 2
09. Shiny Happy People
10. Me In Honey
11. Endgame
12. Half A World Away
13. Sugar Cane
14. Radio Song
15. Near Wild Heaven
16. Fretless Instrumental
17. Low
18. 42nd Street Song
19. Country Feedback


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