Thursday, February 28, 2008

Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd - Magnesium Proverbs (various years)

Here is an excellent Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd bootleg, one that I have had in my collection for a number of years.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

SXSW torrents (ALL of the bands)

Here is a nice find for indie music lovers - bittorrent mp3's for all (or at least almost all) of the artists that are appearing or have appeared at South By Southwest from 2005-2008. I don't know if the bands cooperated or not so this one may not be totally on the up and up. Link

Monday, February 11, 2008

U2 - The Golden Unplugged Album

La Columna Flacida has posted this excellent set of U2 'unplugged.' This bootleg was released in the early 1990's.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Clivage - Mixtus Orbus (1979)

Here's a nice French release that is mostly fusion (world/synth/acic mixture). Posted at Mutant Sounds.


Various Artists - Beyond the Sea - The Surf Instrumental Bands of the World Fearlessly Extend their Repertoire (2005)

Here's a great surf comp posted at the Twilight Zone. Two parts so go get it!


Various Artists - Frolic Diner Volume 4 (???)

The Twilight Zone blog has posted this nice comp of 'stripper instrumentals.'

Link (direct to music)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cardiac Arrest - The Obvious Identity (1980)

Mutant Sounds has posted this tape rip from this cult UK band. I am pretty sure that this will never see an official cd release so grad it while you can.


20/20 - S/T (1979)

The Twilight Zone blog has posted this gem from 1979, interesting in that they usually don't post new-wave.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kostas Tournas - Choraphia (1972)

(From hippy-djkit again) Excellent psychedelic Greek album. Get it!

Link (direct to music)

Various Artists - In Fractured Silence (1984)

>Mutant Sounds has posted this compilation of early 80's experimental bands, none of which I had heard of until now but very interesting.

Link (direct to music)

Laghonia - Glue (1971)

Another excellent post by hippy-djkit featuring the other Laghonia album, Glue. Peruvian psych/progressive at it's finest.

Link (direct to music)

U-Spaces Psychedelic Archaeology Series (1960's)

Chocoreve has been posting most of the releases from the U-Spaces yahoo group. All of these cd's feature rare 45's that have never been compiled on modern day comp cd's. I am a member but I really do not participate much, you can easily trade for higher quality audio cd's of this series by joining the group and they do have some really excellent liner notes to go with the cd's if you drop by the group.


Loghonia - Etcetera (1971)

Hippy-djkit has posted a few albums by this Pervian Psych/Progressive band but this one is my absolute favorite. Very very good and it's a shame that these guys aren't more well known.

Link (direct to music)

Joy Division - Les Bains Douches - December 18, 1979

Here is a nice Joy Division bootleg from 1979.

Tracks 1-9 recorded live in Paris, 18 december 1979.
Tracks 10-12 recorded live in Amsterdam, 11 january 1980.
Tracks 13-16 recorded live in Eindhoven, 18 january 1980.