Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Teardrop Explodes - YMCA - London - August 2, 1979 (soundboard)

Another rough sounding 'soundboard' that has probably been through many tape generations before being converted to cd.


01. Second Head
02. Brave Boys
03. All I Am Is Loving You
04. Sleeping Gas
05. Take A Chance
06. Read It In Books
07. Ha Ha I'm Drowning
08. Straight Reins
09. Camera Camera
10. Went Crazy
11. Bouncing Babies
12. Went Crazy

Link (240 kbps VBR MP3)
(Megaupload - All of the old Rapidshare links are probably going to expire so get them while the getting is good, I do not plan on re-uploading most of them.)

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