Friday, March 12, 2010

U2 - Complete Salome (7 Discs!)

I wish that more bands would let this kind of material leak! There are literally hundreds reels of Beatles studio sessions available but outside of them it doesn't seem like much of this stuff makes it out for the general public to enjoy. As legend has it a lot of this stuff 'leaked' out from the studio sessions before the band even released the album (Achtung Baby). Supposedly Bono went into a local record shop and found a bootleg of some of this stuff already for sale! At any rate it's a nice peek into some of what goes on in the studio so it's a lot of hit and miss with lots of repetition. I still find it a fascinating look at the development of much of this album back when this band really mattered.

Links (240kbps VBR MP3 - multi-part RAR - you must get all parts to unpack!)
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