Monday, November 30, 2009

REM DEMO WEEK - Chronic Murmurings

Toasted Record Works (TRW 1905)

* Recorded: Athens demos (1980), IRS demos (1981), outtakes
* Quality: Athens demos: fair, remainder: very good to excellent
* Format: LP (double)

* Tracks

(Athens:) Dangerous Times/I Don't Want You Anymore/ Different Girl/Narrator/Just A Touch/Baby I/Mystery to Me/ Permanent Vacation/(IRS:) 1,000,000/Ages of You/ Gardening at Night/Carnival of Sorts/Stumble/ (Chronic Town outtakes:) Catapult/Wolves, Lower/Laughing/ Romance/Shaking Through/Carnival of Sorts/Stumble/ Wolves Lower/1,000,000/(Reckoning outtakes:) Windout/ Just a Touch


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